Sunday, April 3, 2011

International Pillow Fight Day

For the first time, Toronto decided to hold its Pillow Fight event on the same day as the international event. The previous event was more into summer, during the day, and at Yonge And Eglinton.
Now its Yonge and Dundas, at 8 pm, and was still a little chilly!
The Toronto event is hosted by, which was cofounded by Lori Kufner

She was saying that she was a little nervous with the changes, including the time, but was happy with the crowd that came out.
It was great to watch those that were in the proper spirit, with soft pillows, and no aggressive hits.

Lots of people dressed up for the event,

including some people advertising the Pillow Fight League

Also on hand to provide music was the drum group, which included this beautiful girl dancing up a storm with her partner, and later posing with some of the fighters!

Unfortunately, there was a bit of a bummer during the event. I was kicked off a two step stepstool by Security, who also had these guys remove their masks.

When I told them that they were taking the fun out of a fun event, they gave the classic line that it was about safety, and there had been an incident with someone wearing a mask previously. Lets hope they are not around during Halloween!!

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