Sunday, April 10, 2011

spring motorcycle show

The International Centre is a great venue for hosting large events. With its large, free parking, it always attracts huge crowds for the events held there.
This weekend was the Spring Motorcycle Show, the core of which is basically a big swap meet/store for buying both motorcycles and the multitude of accessories that a motorcycle rider may need.

Inside there were some very small motorcycles,

as well as full size rides,

and lots of custom built and painted bikes that were incredible looking!

As is usual with most events about any engine powered form of transport, the show attracted a few lovely models to help "display" the products.

One group that is at most of the shows I've been at is AMSOIL, billed as the "world's best oil". I'm not sure about that, but they always have some great models!

And of course, the obligatory Hooters Girls were also on hand, welcoming the visitors to the show!

here are some of the others models at the show!

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