Sunday, April 15, 2012

Green Fashion

After visiting Wizard World, took a quick trip to the Direct Energy Centre to check ou the Green Living Show. One great feature was that if you brought electronic waste, you got a free ticket into the show. Dead VCR in hand, I picked up my ticket and headed in. Now, there is lots going on at the show, inlcuding solar power, hybrid/electric cars, organic foods, organic clothing, etc, but I was there for the Green Fashion Show! Ok, this wasn't a fashion show made up of green fabric, but was an attempt to lower the impact of fashion on the environment, by reusing fabrics, give new use to old fashion, as well as lowering the chemicals used in fabrics.

Hosted by Kelly Drennan, Founder of Fashion Takes Action, a number of models were on hand, with makeup and hair (by salonWORLD) done in a "sustainable" way.

Now these models are doing the typical "icy cool" thing where there is no emotion, and no interaction with the audience. I never really understand that.

So, after seeing the models,

there was only one girl that stood out to me.

Now this girl is a very attractive woman, but what really caught my eye was exactly that, her eyes! She made specially note to make eye contact with me during the show. Ok, it was the camera, but she did this all around the event, as she moved from the stage, into the audience. This gave me a connection to her, and honestly, I paid more attention to her than any of the other women. And considering this is a fashion show, don't you, as a designer, want me to pay attention the most to the girl wearing your clothes? I would think so!

Wizard World - Day 2

Sunday morning held the promise of a great interaction between Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, stars of the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con, in a Quantum Leap reunion. The two were scheduled to attend a Q&A with the fans, telling stories about the show. And it certainly did not disapoint!

A packed room was on hand for the two stars, as they talked Quantum Leap, and a little bit about Enterprise and Battlestar Galactica.

Scott talked about how he was amazed that an actor of Dean's stature would be on the show, but was glad he was.

The both joked that "Sam's" main contribution was a total of two words..."Oh Boy"! But Scott was able to turn that around on Dean by saying that he said it different every episode!!
Neither understood the ultimate ending of the show, and also left it to the audience to pick there own "best episode", but Scott was able to tell everyone that the final show was a "maybe" show, in that Donald Bellisario had to write it assuming that there may, in fact, be another season. He went through much the same with Magnum PI, in which Magnum was in a coma, and once the decision was made to bring the show back, Magnum recovered. Unfortunatley for QL fans, that was the end. The crew didn't even get a wrap party, the show just came to an end. Speaking of Magnum, there was discussion to try and get Tom Selleck in for a mirror shot, so Sam may have jumped into Magnum!!

Some of the other stars at the show included Amy Acker, who was on the show Angel,

Colin Ferguson, who stars in Eureka,

and even Simpson's illustrator Phil Ortiz, who for a small fee would do a quick drawing of whoever you want, be it live, a picture, or even a cell phone image. He had a long line of people wishing to be "simpsonized"!!

What I can only describe as some "DIY" costumes including R2D2 and Han in Carbonite!

A couple of Bat peeps;

Transformers....who are robots, but in disguise!!

Are you looking at me!??

Aliens vs Ghostbusters!

And here's some other characters at the show!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wizard World Comic Con

Its Comic Con time in TO!
Wizard World has a two day event this weekend, bringing the fans of comic adventures all together in the Metro Convention Centre. This morning saw the many fans lined up inside the convention centre, waiting for their chance to meet such stars as Voyagures 7 of 9, Jeri Ryan:

Enterprise/Quantum Leap star Scott Bakula;

His co-star and also star of Battlestar Galactica, Dean Stockwell, here with his lovely wife Belle;

Sean Maher from the show Serenity;

Being Human stars Sam Witwer (Aidan), Meaghan Rath (Sally Malik) & Sam Huntington (Josh)

Jeremy Bulloch & Daniel Logan, both of which were Boba Fett in Star Wars;

Liana K from Ed's Nite Party;

And even the two stars of the movie The Last Starfighter, Lance Guest and Catherine Mary Stewart!

During the day, there were various panels and Q and A's with the many stars, including this one with the lovely Jeri Ryan.

Sweeping into the room,

she headed for the podium to answer questions from the full crowd. A young girl asked about the makeup work, while others asked about her new series, Body of Proof.

And what Comic show would be complete without the various members of the 501st Legion! Stormtroopers; sandpeople, scout troopers, and Tie Fighter pilots,

and even compact scale clones/stormtroopers;

the crowd of fans included Skaii Walker AKA the Nerdy Stripper!

UD Replicas had these neat motorcycle leathers, including stormtroopers and Captain America.

And as a fan of the GlobalTV Toronto Morning Show, it was nice to see Liem Vu, the social media guru for the show, as he did what i did, which is partialy doing his job, and partially taking in the fan boy nature of the show.

And here are some of the many other fans of the show, as well as some of the various merchandise you can pick up at the show!