Sunday, April 1, 2012

National Motorcycle and Tattoo Show

This past weekend was the 31st annual National Motorcycle and Tattoo Show, which was held at the Better Living Center in the CNE grounds.
It started as a cloudy day, but soon the sun was out, which was perfect for a motorcycle show!

And what show would be complete without some motorcycle chicks, brought to you by the local Hooters!

There were lots of bikes on display at the show, including an Interstate Batteries bike,

And this red fire bike!

and a very cool looking copper bike.

One big badass trike was also on display!

And Spartucus was also on display.

The guys that build these bikes do some amazing things with either the shape of the bike,

or the amazing paint jobs they can do!

And with these amazing projection lights, the fronts of these bikes take on a certain life of their own!

The show also had lots of items for sale, from the bottom of the bike,

to the very top of the bike!

Also on hand were the Chrome Diva's, who along with members of the Toronto Roller Derby, did a charity calendar to raise money for Prostate Cancer charity.

One of my favourite bikes was the First Special Services, or the Devils Brigade. The block bike was accented with the shoulder patch of these special forces members, made up of both Canadian and American troops, in battle during WWII.

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