Monday, April 9, 2012


April 7, 2012 was fight nite around the world, but this was not the violent battle you would think, as it ws pillow fight nite!
Every year Newmindspace comes up with some crazy ideas throughout the City, and this was no different. Although they used to hold it at Yonge-Eglinton, the construction there made it necessary to relocate to Yonge Dundas Square. Unfortunately, its held at 8 in the evening, which makes it tougher to get photos, but there were still lots of cameras around to record the action!
The theme for the nite was easter (well, it was easter!,

so there were lots of ears around!

Now, some come prepared for the battle,

but that usually just brings you even more attention from the other fighters!

Others used their own superpowers to ward off the pillows!

With the big crowd on hand,

the hour arrived, and the battle really began!

It dragged on for over two hours, but I have to say that after the first, it really became a bit rougher than it should have. Some people take it a little too serious! But in the end, it was a great event!

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