Sunday, August 28, 2011

NBA Jam Sessions

The NBA is touring the country putting on some basketball demonstrations, and they were here in Toronto, set up in Yonge Dundas Square. On hand were the Toronto Raptors Dance Pak,

Who put on a quick demo.

What made me laugh at the end was that nearly every one of the women, upon completing the show, fixed their hair!

There was some other stuff there, but to be honest, I wasn't really paying attention after the Dance Pak!

501st at the Fan Expo

What trip to Fan Expo would be complete without a visit with the 501st Legion.
Again this year they had a great turnout of members, who really are impressive to see. A lot of work, and money, go into the costumes they have, so its always great to see the reaction of the fans.

lots of stormtroopers were on hand

The Emporer was there with Darth

some clone troopers

freaky jedi

This year they trooped in the building, setting up for an overhead shot of the group. We grabbed some chairs and took a few shots as they set up.

My favourite, and to be honest, I don't think they are part of the 501st, was this family of parents and three kids. There's a Jawa in the background, you can see his eyes glowing!

Fan Expo

It was Fan Expo weekend in Toronto, as everyone who had a costume put it on and headed down to the Metro Convention Centre.

the Monty Python knights from the Holy Grail

A couple of pirates handing out stuff on the sidewalk

cool eyes!

A couple of nerd loving babes were also on hand!

One of my favourites was this Steam Punk version of Buzz Lightyear!

And those who have made their living by putting on an costume on the big and small screen were drawing even more down to the event.
Some of the stars included

Hayden Panettiere

Eliza Dushku

Lee Majors

Barbara Eden

Here's a lucky fan with his signed albulm and a jeanie bottle!

Larry Hagman

Nichelle Nicohols

Marina Sirtis

Lexa Doig

Lance Henriksen

Malcolm McDowell

and my personal favourite from the show,
Katee Sackhoff

Katee was the new Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica, as well as in the Bionic Woman, 24, Nip Tuck, and will be in a new series, Longmire, on A&E

In the afternoon I joined the line to get her autograph, and decided I would pony up the the $50 to get her autograph and photo (I need a new christmas card!). I handed my camera over to my brother, got up to the table, and talked to the dude taking the cash. I said Photo please, he said when, I said now, he turned to the evil media lady to his left, who said "no photos with Katee, it's in her contract, you have to come back and have a professional do it!" I'm like WHAT the FRACK! (sorry, couldn't resist!)
Stupid, so I got my money back, and walked away without even talking with Katee :(

Oh well, you can follow her on Twitter.

Jack Layton Funeral

While downtown on Saturday, I crossed University just a few minutes before the Jack Layton funeral procession took Mr Layton from City Hall to his funeral service.
The streets were closed as a procession of police motorcycles led a pipe band.

The hearse

was followed by Olivia, his wife,

and his kids.

Cynthia Mulligan was reporting from City Hall. Cynthia has had her own battle with Cancer, and she looked great!

buskerfest 2011

The St Lawrence Market holds one of the largest Buskerfest festivals in the world, sponsered by Scotia Bank, and in support of Epilepsy Toronto
The event closes down Front St, and opens a series of stages where buskers from around the world come to perform.

The Stunt Double Circus is always fun to watch, and they have such great mustaches!
They do a great job with pogo sticks, including a backflip on one!

Bendy Em squeezed herself into the tinest of boxes, and took a basketball in with herself!

while Lindsay Benner stood on the arms of two members of the audience and juggled fire!

While I was watching this guy balance a shark on a stick,

this dick was nice enough to step right in front of me (and everyone else beside me) to make sure he had a good view of the action!

The highlight for me was the Close Act Theater group, who brought there XL Ants all the way from the Netherlands.

They were great during the day,

but at nite, it was even better, as Wolverine lit off a bunch of red flares,

adding to the great atmosphere!