Monday, August 1, 2011

80's Toy Show

As part of TFCon, the 80's Toy Show filled the halls of the Delta Meadowvale Hotel. As part of the show, there was a costme contest, with visitors able to show up with any costume they could think of. Special consideration was given to those created by the contestents, rather than store bought versions.
There was an entire group of batman characters, including Batman, Two Face, the Riddler, Cat Woman and Harley Quinn

Also, a person was done up as The Scoceress from Castle Grey Skull, the power behind He Man, was on hand with her hand done costume.

The eventual winner was Batman, followed by Scarlett(from GI Joe), and Harley in third.

During the contest, someone said there should have been a "best car" costume, as somone brought there own, home built Batmobile!

Also at the show was Smith Hart, a westler from a very famous canadian wrestling family.

The Ghostbuster's were also around to check for any spirit problems!

And what toy show would be complete without an appearance from the 501st Legion from Star Wars!

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