Monday, October 31, 2011

SEX - do I have your attention?

After the zombie walk, and occupy toronto march, there was more fun to be had downtown. It was the Everything to do with Sex Show at the Metro Convention Centre.
There were lots of displays, for products and services, as well as my lots of models. Some were shy, and wouldn't agree to pics, but most were happy to pose.

Roxi Dilite was on hand,

and later performed on the main stage.

One of the booth models posing for a picture!

porn star Lexi Belle was a popular attraction at the show.

Playboy model Angelina Polska was posing in front of a giant version of her cover!

One of the Urbanesque dancers on stage.

Some of the other models on hand:

Secret Weapon of the Police!

At the start of the Occupy Bay St protest,the police were out in force, including lots of bike cops.

But one of those bike cops was a secret police weapon. The Hot Cop!

Who's going to cause any problems when this beautiful woman is the one asking you question? Not me!

Keeping occupied!

I went downtown to check out the Occupy Toronto march in downtown Toronto. The march was in support of the Occupy Wall St group in New York City. Starting at Bay St, the group marched down the road to St. James Park. and set up a camp.

The Media was out in force, waiting to catch any action.

Its hot cop in action!

My favourite part of the entire march was the wide range of signs, with this being one of the more interesting of the bunch.

Uhm, I thought that was what does happen, with those better off supporting those who are in a worse condition?!

Never did see the darn cake!

even the dogs were after those fat cats!

The famous James Hamilton, super blogger in action!

Day of the Dead!

With the wedding completed,

it was time for the zombie march.
This year, rather than a destination, the march simply stayed to the Trinity Belwood Park. Starting at the south end of the park, the march headed east on Queen, north on Spadina, and back west to the park on Dundas.

Some of the many zombies included these characters!

Spoiler alert, I guess Harry dies in the most recent movie!

Ever have a day when your mail was late? This could be the reason!

Zombies are not a recent thing, as apparently even the ancient Vikings had zombies!

One of my favourites, a zombie mime!

She should not have eaten that apple!

Not sure if thats here tonque!

these two had neat eyes, one with makeup, one with contacts!

Wedding in the Park

For a few years, two people have spearheaded the Zombie March. That would be Thea Munster and Adam Pearson

After meeting over the events, the eventually started a relationship that a few years ago had Adam proposing to Thea (she said yes!) to them getting married in front of the zombie mob.
Both sides of the family embraced the idea and dressed as their favourite zombie character,

and watched with a few thousand zombie friends as they were married in an entertaining ceremony, complete with eaten flesh, creeping organ music, and severed body parts!

Thea arrived in a coffin, rising like the dead after being brought on stage.

She was awesome in her zombie dead glory!

After sealing the deal with a kiss,

they joined the crowd of zombies for their march along Queen, up Spadina, and back along Dundas to the north end of the park!

Collingwood and Blue Mountain

With the weekend here, and winter quickly approaching, we decided to head north on Hwy 10 to visit the Collingwood area. The area is known for condos, caves, and skiing. But before the winter snow hits, you can also just go to enjoy the nature.
Climbing to the top of the hill, we park overlooking the town. The views are great, and you can see for miles out into Georgian Bay.

Then, walking to one of the operating Ski Lifts, you can take a bucket trip

down to the Blue Mountain complex, for some shopping and neat adventure activities.

And they even add in a few bike racks, as mountain biking is popular in the area.

Its a quick ride down, with once again, great views of the area. Its nothing to go down, but you do have to pay to get back up (or walk up!).

Once down, you can play mini golf, or what we did, take a ride on the Ridge Runner, a "personal" roller coaster! Its an amazing ride, and you can check out a video at their site.

The complex itself is full of restaurants, stores, hotels, and services to keep you entertained all year round!

Henrys and ATV's

Every year, Henrys, a camera store, holds a photo show at the International Centre. Its pretty much just a way to sell their products, as everything you buy is coming from their stock. There are camera company reps in attendance, but you are not buying from them directly, but from Henrys. The only reason I go (and only with free tickets) is to see what models they have, and I don't mean camera models!!

One group used a rhythmic gymnist to do a routine at their booth, which was kind of cool!

The Sigma booth always has a very attractive model, and this year was no different!

At the same location, but another hall, there was an ATV/Snowmobile show. They set up a course outside where you can try out some ATV's, but they also do a race demo.
And since I'm at a photo show, I always head over to take some pics of the action!

Once again this year, the wind was too much for the snowmobile demo, where they jump their machines while doing some spectacular flips. You can check out the action from a few years ago from my previous blog posting HERE.