Monday, October 31, 2011

Collingwood and Blue Mountain

With the weekend here, and winter quickly approaching, we decided to head north on Hwy 10 to visit the Collingwood area. The area is known for condos, caves, and skiing. But before the winter snow hits, you can also just go to enjoy the nature.
Climbing to the top of the hill, we park overlooking the town. The views are great, and you can see for miles out into Georgian Bay.

Then, walking to one of the operating Ski Lifts, you can take a bucket trip

down to the Blue Mountain complex, for some shopping and neat adventure activities.

And they even add in a few bike racks, as mountain biking is popular in the area.

Its a quick ride down, with once again, great views of the area. Its nothing to go down, but you do have to pay to get back up (or walk up!).

Once down, you can play mini golf, or what we did, take a ride on the Ridge Runner, a "personal" roller coaster! Its an amazing ride, and you can check out a video at their site.

The complex itself is full of restaurants, stores, hotels, and services to keep you entertained all year round!

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