Monday, October 31, 2011

Tord Double Header

Pretty much the last event of the 2011 season at the Toronto Roller Derby was a double header between local TO teams, and teams from Hamilton. Smoke City Betties and CN Power, the local teams, fought a good battle against the the Hammer City Rollergirls Harlots and Eh! Team.
Both the first teams were local, while the second were all star teams.

This was my first visit to the new "bunker", as Tord had been booted from the former Hanger site, which was also in the news for kicking out the Canadian Air and Space Museum.
Once the refs

and teams were introduced, then Cranky Pants, the MC of the show, grabbed his mike and called the games. Cranky is great at this job, and really gets to know the players, very rarely using any cheat sheets to announce plays.

First up was the local teams, and right off the bat, the Betties began a battle against the Hammer girls! The first half saw most of the time with the big goose egg for the Hamilton team. They eventually fought back to about 1/2 the score of the Betties. The second half found the Betties even stronger, pulling to a 164 – 75 win.

Next, CN Power and the Eh Girls took to the track, and they simply continued the crushing of the Hamilton teams, taking a 135 – 6 win!

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