Sunday, December 16, 2012

Da Bills! (winter version)

Well, been a long time since I've done a posting, so what better way to bring my blog up to date than a visit to the Bills tailgate party on Front St, sponsored by Bud.
And when its sponsored by Bud Beer, that means one important thing......


The Buffallo Bills are playing a few NFL games in the Skydome, and to celebrate the game today, the promoters of the event held a tailgate part on Front St.

Lots of Bud was on hand, and helping to keep everyone warm were lots of Bud girls.

A few were dancing up a storm....

While the band played on stage!

After their dance, the posed for a quick picture. What is it about hot girls in sunglasses!!??

A while later I tracked down a harem of Bud Girls on the Bud Truck. Hey, where else would you find them!?

And still they couldn't resist dancing!

Then the Buffallo Jills arrived, and just to ruin the shot, a fracken video guy jumps into the shot!!
What else is new!!

Was nice of the lovely ladies to brave the pouring rain to do a little cheer, then pose for pics with the fans.

Even the rain didn't keep down their spirit. Although I would have like to see them in the "summer" uniform!!
Oh ya, I did see them in those uniforms HERE!