Saturday, October 30, 2010


The annual Night of Dread was held at Dufferin Grove Park this evening.
The Clay and Paper Theater created a bunch of puppets that people strapped to their bodies for a parade down the streets.

(I'm pretty sure that's Prince Charles!)

(Evil Ronald McDonald?)

As it was the day before Halloween, there were lots of kids (of all ages) in costume!

After the parade, the crowd came back to the park for a small display of the fears, such as violence and death, which were beat back by the light of fire.

It was an interesting event until they marched to another area, and someone got on the mike to say that "the worst environmental catstrophe was the oil sands", which seemed a little out of place for a kids event!! So that was it for me!!

Da Bills!

This year the Buffalo Bills have been coming up to Canada for some games. As there is a game coming up November 7, they had a fan fest down at Yonge Dundas Square.
Now, I'm no big fan of US football, but if the Bills are in town, then so are the Jills!

Here they are joined by the Bills mascot, Billy Buffalo.

As it was the day before Halloween, there were lots of people in costume in the square, include two twin girls,

a woman who probably has a bit of a headache,

Bat Girl and her friend,

and a fluffy german sheppard!

And of course, if there's football stuff going on, then there's likely to be Bud Girls around, and today was no exception!

(the two girls on the left are in Bud Girl costumes, as they are really Hooter Girls!)

Two of them took part in the bungee game as well!

And if that wasn't enough, there were lots of Bills Girls who were keeping all the games running!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

tord semi finals - part 3 - fun with film!

The Hanger is a rather dark place, photography wise, so you need to play with exposure to get some good shots.
One of the things I like to do at faster events is to do some rear curtain flash exposure. The fast action is great for the this type of effect.
With the shutter down low, and panning the the players, you get a nice blur effect. Then, right before the shutter closes, flash goes off and give you a sharp image of the player!

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tord semi finals - part 2 - Jammers

I leave it up to you to check out the rules on the flat track roller derby, but basically, its the job of the Jammers to make the break through the players, and then circle the track to start passing the other team members for points.
The first person through the pack is the "lead jammer", who races through and comes up on the pack from behind. They then have to finese their way through the pack, and each person the pass goes towards their score.

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