Sunday, October 3, 2010


Over the years a popular place for gorilla photography was the former Don Valley Brick Works

The abandoned buildings provided great scenes to photograph, especially with the various holes providing beams of light which created great images.

And then corporate interest got involved, and you just knew it would go down from there. Although its a non profit, it of course acts just like a business, cause that's what it is.

Using government money, and leasing the land from the Toronto and Region Conservation, they have redone the area. The once dark and spooky kiln rooms have been changed into a stale, well lit area for selling market goods. What was once a fascinating site has become a bore.

And even worse, its become a typical corporate entity. While wandering around the area, a woman came up to us and asked us "for our photography permit". To say I was shocked was an understatment! I asked her "are you saying I need a permit to take photos in here?" to which she replied "this is private property and therefore you need a photo permit to take pictures".

Lets forget for a moment that this is in fact NOT private property (its owned by the TRCA, which is your tax dollars at work), but the kilns its advertised as the "most dramatic space" . In fact, the building also contains "large-scale unique art installations". So for crying out loud, the site is begging us to go down take photos!!!

So, long story short, here's one single picture of the place. And I for one will never go back.

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