Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nuit Blanche 2010

Well, it was time for the latest all night event in Toronto, the Nuit Blanche Festival. Billed as an all night contemporary art event, this is the second year I attended.
I should start out by saying that in general, I was dissapointed with my first experience. I don't like "modern" art, as many times I just feel its people with limited skills being lazy, and then convincing someone that what they created was "art". So that will definately paint my views of the event.

The fact that it was a grey, cold nite didn't help either!

We set off from City Hall, where the first exhibit was on the go. A recessed stage, with a 45 degree mirror overhead

provided a view of the musicians performing.

The music was projected to a variety of both speakers and screens. While entertaining, I felt nothing in regards to the impact of the "art" scene, although the series of mirrors provided interesting photos.

Walking along Queen and up to Yonge, we found this van, carefully cut out in a decorative way, with lights inside showing the patterns.

Also downtown at the Holy Trinity church beside the Eaton Centre was the Day for Night exhibit, which slowed down the Beatles A Hard Days Night to 3 frames a second, with 4 musicians providing the equally slow sound track.

And on a similar music theme, there was an opera singer belting out Bruce Springsteen hits just east of Yonge Dundas Square.

We hoped on our bikes and headed to the U of T for a series of events, which included two women, naked, standing inside of either side of a doorway. It also included a big pile of pennies, a video of a man saying "true....false...I'm getting physicriatic care, a video of dripping water, and an ice fishing hut. Remember my comment about lazy people convincing you its art? This is what I'm talking about!

While in the area, we also headed to the ROM, which was packed. At 10;02 a counter renegade version of the event was being held. The Les Rues des Refuses was having a parade, whith a truck hauling speakers and a DJ playing rave music lead a parade down University, through U of T and on towards Yonge Dundas Square. In the crowd were some fire jugglers;

one of the participents shows off her massive shoes!

Following them down the road, we jumped up onto a streetcar barrier to catch the parade pass by.

Everyone was great except for the doorknob on the right of the following picture, who yelled out "F**ck the corporate media" while giving us the finger. Ya, two guys on freaking bikes, standing on the centre of a streetcar barrier are the corporate media!! What a douche!!

Eventually we ended up in the Distillery District where the exhibits featured plaster hands,

a burning budha,

a dance grounp,

and an amazing "picture" of the famous "hand of god" painting entirely made from Rubicks Cubes.

Then heading west to the Queen/Dufferin area, we encountered the renegade group, with a bondage display. Very strange things going on there!

And with that, we headed home. Lots of problems with the streetcars (one broke, causing a huge backup), lots of party couples stumbling down the street, and because of the blocked roads, lots of dressed up girls wearing their best party clothes, freezing cold walking down the middle of the road looking for a cab.

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