Saturday, October 30, 2010


The annual Night of Dread was held at Dufferin Grove Park this evening.
The Clay and Paper Theater created a bunch of puppets that people strapped to their bodies for a parade down the streets.

(I'm pretty sure that's Prince Charles!)

(Evil Ronald McDonald?)

As it was the day before Halloween, there were lots of kids (of all ages) in costume!

After the parade, the crowd came back to the park for a small display of the fears, such as violence and death, which were beat back by the light of fire.

It was an interesting event until they marched to another area, and someone got on the mike to say that "the worst environmental catstrophe was the oil sands", which seemed a little out of place for a kids event!! So that was it for me!!

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  1. These photos are fantastic! I wouldn't be able to get a copy of them at 600px wide to post on the Clay & Paper Theatre blog (with a link and photo credit) would I? Could you contact me at leanne (at) clayandpapertheatre (dot) org?