Sunday, October 17, 2010

Port Stanley

Heading down the 401, we aimed to be at Port Stanley for 1:30, the departure time for the Port Stanley Terminal Rail.
Volunteers run the line from Port Stanley, on the shores of Lake Erie, to a park south of St Thomas.

A small diesel train pulled two cars,

one enclosed, one open, and a separate "party car" which was booked by a family for a birthday party.

The conductor advised that the railway was originally designed for transportation of goods, but with the introduction of a roadway, the train suffered until it was switched over to passenger. It was very successful for a while, some years moving over a million people.

One of the stops was at the small town of Union, represented by a small Union Station!

Once at Whyte Park, we checked out the old railway snow plow,

as well as the outhouse, which Jim was happy to try out!

Along the way was a small worker "train", which Ann described as the "smart car version of a train"!!

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