Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Dead Rise Again!

It was Zombie time in downtown Toronto. The Toronto Zombie Walk was held on Saturday, and the zombies collected in Trinity Bellwood Park.
Every year the crowd doesn't just get bigger, it gets better. From the days of just applying some grey face paint and some blood, the people involved have stepped up their game.
Missing limbs,imbedded objects,scarred bodies and even some animals

were on hand (!) this year!

This year also saw a lot of "family" zombies, which is always interesting to see!

As always, my favourite was those who added contact lenses to their costume!

And no zombie affair would be complete without a Red Shirt reference!

Unfortunately, the route was radically changed from that which was advertised. I set up my car on a side street, near a nice wooded area, and was shocked that the crowd bypassed all those streets and instead came straigh up Bathurst. Lots of people were also on side streets, and were dissapointed they had waited for nothing! That is something the orginizers must prevent in the future.

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