Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lucas Oil Sportsman

As a fan of the original Cascar Superseries, I know a bit about the Lucas Oil Sportsman Series. When Nascar took over the Superseries, they left behind the Sportsman class. With lots of money invested into a car they couldn't use anymore, the teams got together and created their own series, and recently picked up a series sponsor, Lucas Oil.

One of those involved is Dave Connelly, who runs Racesportz. A team mate is Al Lebert, driver of the 36 car.

Through a sponsor deal, Al is going to be sponsored by Sobeys and Minute Maid.

As part of their deal, the team pairs up with a Sobeys, which in turn picks a local school. The team visits the school, showing off the car, driver, and equipement, as well as doing a few donuts in the parking lot!

They then head over to the Sobeys and provide a BBQ, and all the money raised is given to the school for whatever they want. Great deal for everyone!

Anyone is welcome to meet the driver,

and get a chance to jump into a real race car!

Here are the volunteers from the school in Acton, Ontario.

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