Sunday, April 25, 2010

Surfs up

While I was in Burlington for the toy show, I headed down to the waterfront to find that the winds were howling on the lake, throwing up some big waves near the lift bridge into Hamilton harbour. Only a few guys out on the waves, as I think it was pretty messy to be surfing. The waves were breaking too early, so no great clean runs, but they did their best.

I was out until about 4ish, and then as I looked out I saw that a ship was coming in, so I headed to the Lift Bridge to watch it come into the inner harbour.

The Force comes to play

The Holiday Inn in Burlington was the place to be for fans of star wars, transformers and GI Joe, as a toy show was held on Sunday.
There were lots of people on hand to check out the wares being presented by a multitude of vendors. Unfortunately, I didn't see any Space 1999 or UFO stuff around (there were a few original Battlestar Galactica items!), so I came away with nothing from the show.
Also on hand were members of the 501'st Legion (Canada), including:

sand/storm troopers and Imperial pilots;

Imperial Officers;

A clone warrior;

A bounty hunter;

and Darth Himself:

This is a shot of the helmet used by the Lord Vader. If you look closely, you can see one of the two fans used to help cool the wearer of the helmet during those hot days on Tatooine!

Hamilton on Fire

Through a complicated chain of events (my brothers wife knew someone at work who told them about the event), we headed out to Hamilton Harbour to catch a fireworks display put on by the Canadian Fireworks Association, as part of their 2010 Convention.
We ended up in the top half of the parking lot, and were able to secure some bench's at a "point" that projected over the lower parking lot. We had blankets as it turned cold, but a great view of the event.
There were a variety of events, such as an east west battle, and demonstrations of new fireworks being developed. Everyone was enjoying the show, even though a lot of people bailed from the event without realizin that there was still a finale to go. The full show lasted from 8:45 til after 10, and included some 1812 re-enactor canon firing from 7:30 to 8:45.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Force is strong in St Catharines!

The weatherman was predicting a lousy day on Saturday, so I searched the net for some ideas to occupy my time.
Surfing around, I found the Force United Niagara web site. They are a group of members who do charity events dressed in Star Wars uniforms.
Now, I've seen a few of these events, via the 501st Legion, Canadian Garrison, but these guys seem to really go all out. At previous events, they had great turnouts of members.
So I saw that they would be at a St Catharines Toys R Us, so I decided to head down to check them out.

It was a great decision, as their were a couple of jedi's,


bounty hunters

a rebel pilot

bike trooper

an empirial gunner

And Lord Vader himself!

They were very cooperative, and seemed to enjoy posing with everyone.

We even had them come out of the store and pose the entire group!

I hope to catch some of their other events, as again, they have a great turnout, and everyone seems to enjoy seeing them!


JAN - We Are All Stars - London, Ontario (501st)
MAR - Wizard World Toronto Comic Con - Toronto (501st)
APR - Toys R Us - Promotion - St. Catharines (FUN)
- Entertainment Overload - Welland Event Promotion
MAY - 4th Annual Star Wars Event & Toy Show - Welland (FUN)
- London Sci Fi Event in the Park - May 8th London (London Rouges)
JUN - Grande Parade - Welland (FUN/YJN & 501st)
AUG - FanExpo - Toronto (501st)
SEP - Help a Child Smile Annual Event - Welland (FUN)
- Grape & Wine Parade - St. Catharines (YJN)
OCT - Food Festival - Welland (FUN)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Busy Day!

Had a busy day today!
First went to the Motorcycle Show. Wasn't really what I expected, as it was mostly just a flea market.
There were some bikes on display, including this very chromey one!

Also bumped into George Stroumboulopoulos, who was attending the show as well!

Next headed to Riverwood Park, right next to the Credit River in Mississauga. Unfortunately didn't see a lot of nature, but some guys were getting some white water practice in.
Some had white water canoes, but also a standard canoe and a small kayak. It was a perfect little spot where they could get some action in, but only a small distance to paddle back upstream to where they started.

Next it was down to Toronto to hopefully catch the sunset with the City as a backdrop. Riverdale Park on Broadview was where we set up. Unfortunately, the sun dissapeared, and it even started to rain!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Earth Hour

Every year for the past few, the City of Toronto holds an Earth Hour event. They have always been held at City Hall.
And then this year, they moved to Yonge Dundas Square. Now, I like this place, but its just too small of a venue for a big event like this. I think its because CITYTV is now the sponsor, and they like the idea of having it in their back yard. Now to be honest, I'm not a big fan of the things CityTV have done recently, so I'm probably negative because of that.
But still, once we get there, its a tiny stage, wedged in between two large speakers, and the bands were way back on the stage. So basically, you had almost no view of the performers, unless they walked right up to the edge of the stage.
On top of all that, the event actually was a big let down. Even before the 8:30 deadline, they had turned out all the advertisement boards, so when it came time to throw the switch, pretty much the only thing turned off was the YD Square lights.
Very sad.

There was a tree:

There were bands (Jarvis Church in the picture)Chantal Kreviazuk, and Justin Nozuka

And it was hosted by Kevin and Dina from CityTV:

And here is Dina looking a little scared

and maybe a little intrigued!

She was probably a little of both when it came to the guy they had up on stage to kill a 1/2 from 8 to was a guy who shoved a balloon up his nose, and out his mouth! Oh, great fun that was.....not!

And on top of all that, the next week, CityTV was claiming "10's of thousands" of people attending, while everyone else talked of the 100's of people, which is a more real number!

The only interesting thing was after we went to the Eaton Centre, where metal spiders took advantage of the dark to creat havock in the world of humans!