Saturday, May 29, 2010

A new season of Toronto Roller Derby - part 3

part three of my Toronto Roller Derby adventure!

I'm calling this the Freaky Picture version of the TORD season opening game.
I slowed down the shutter and set the flash to rear curtain to give the shots a sense of speed!

A new season of Toronto Roller Derby - part 2

part 2 of my Toronto Roller Derby adventure!

And then the teams were introduced and the mayhem began! I tell you, these girls are tough, and the play hard!

Unfortunately, as the scoreboard shows, it was a bit of a lopsided win!

On to part 3, freaky photos!

A new season of Toronto Roller Derby - part 1

Well, its a new season of Toronto Roller Derby action at the Hanger in Downsview Park.
It was a rematch of last years final, with the Gore-Gore Roller girls taking on the Smoke City Betties.

First in the introductions are the many refs, there to make sure the rules are followed.

After a spill during the race, one of the refs went down, ending up breaking his roller skate! Fortunately, a replacement was quickly found.

And because I happen to like this ref (Nicki Nine Lives), here is a few more shots of her in action!

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more doors

It was Doors Open day in Toronto, so I decided to see what else (other than the green roof deal at City Hall) was going on.
Although not offically part of the Doors Open, the Desi Fest was taking place at Yonge Dundas Square.

A quick ride on the subway let to a tour of the National Ballet School. Unfortunately, the rules were that we could take as many pictures as you wanted to, as long as it didn't include any of the students in the photo. So this is all I got!

A trip to the CNE grounds found displays of horse riding at the Horse Palace.

A stop in the Eaton Centre found the two Reitmans Commercial guys happilly posing with the shoppers!

And then it was a trip back in time to Fort York, where soldiers were drilling,

and two women were trying to remember how many people were executed during the Rebellion!