Saturday, May 1, 2010

TANK Saturdays!!

Today I drove out to Oshawa to check out the Ontario Regiments TANK SATURDAY event.
Each Saturday at the beginning of the month, the musuem has one of its vehicles cranked up and ready to zoom around the area. Today was supposed to be the M24 Chaffee tank, but engine problems (well, engines, both of which were sitting beside the tank!)so they fired up the M551 A1 Sheridan tank

and had it run up and down the road. I was suprised to learn that the Sheridan, in order to be a light tank, was made of aluminum, and could fire both shells and missles (MGM-51 Shillelagh antitank missile)
Also on hand was the M113 A1 APC.

This is looking in through the back, where the troops are carried.

The musuem has many other vehicles, plus a great display of memorabillia from the regiments history.

There were also two M60 tanks, one of which was the star of the TV show "I could do that" on the Discovery network.

One of the volunters at the musuem allowed me to get up on top of the M4 Sherman, which was pretty cool. Its amazing that groups like this exist, helping to remind people of our military history. I wish I got his name, because I appreciated the information he provided.

This is a view from the top, looking down on the commander on the left, and the gunner bottom left, loader on the right.

Right across the street was Oshawa Airport, which had a F86 Sabre Gate Guard, also known as a "plane on a pedestals"

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