Saturday, May 15, 2010

A fight, and everyone brought a pillow!

A few weeks ago, there was the International Pillow Fight Day. Toronto has celebrated it a few weeks later, and a rain delay pushed it to today, May 15, 2010.
There was a suprisingly large amount of both people and pillows. Some went with the small version, some normal size, and others went with the huggable type! It all took place at the Yonge Eglinton Centre Square.

There were lots of photogs around ready to record the event,

so I'm sure the internets, the series of tubes I'm uploading to, will have lots of pics!

There was general mayham once the event began.

Lots of people brought other props, the most popular being costumes.

One guy came as a tiger. Unfortunately, that just attracted attention, as everyone began to yell "get the tiger"!

A very important person

wanted to fight as well, but brought her own security with her.

Another came as Big Bird.

Guy Fawkes

And then there was Iron Girl!

She certainly was brave, thats for sure.Putting on the helmet, and walking into the crowd, she was greeted with the words you don't want to hear at a pillow fight! "GET IRON GIRL" and boy did they! The worst part was the helmet, as everyone was going for the head. But through out it all, she kept a good spirit, and kept smiling!

Another popular attraction was the many dogs that were in attendance.

this dog even has her own Facebook Page!

Even Mayoral Canditate Sarah Thomson was on hand to pet one of the many dogs around!

In the end, victims were left spread across the square!!

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