Sunday, December 16, 2012

Da Bills! (winter version)

Well, been a long time since I've done a posting, so what better way to bring my blog up to date than a visit to the Bills tailgate party on Front St, sponsored by Bud.
And when its sponsored by Bud Beer, that means one important thing......


The Buffallo Bills are playing a few NFL games in the Skydome, and to celebrate the game today, the promoters of the event held a tailgate part on Front St.

Lots of Bud was on hand, and helping to keep everyone warm were lots of Bud girls.

A few were dancing up a storm....

While the band played on stage!

After their dance, the posed for a quick picture. What is it about hot girls in sunglasses!!??

A while later I tracked down a harem of Bud Girls on the Bud Truck. Hey, where else would you find them!?

And still they couldn't resist dancing!

Then the Buffallo Jills arrived, and just to ruin the shot, a fracken video guy jumps into the shot!!
What else is new!!

Was nice of the lovely ladies to brave the pouring rain to do a little cheer, then pose for pics with the fans.

Even the rain didn't keep down their spirit. Although I would have like to see them in the "summer" uniform!!
Oh ya, I did see them in those uniforms HERE!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Raëlian Movement Protest - National Go Topless Day

Those crazy Raëlian's were down at Woodbine Beach, ready to march north in support of National Go Topless Day in Toronto.
The Raelians believe that life here on earth was created by extraterrestrials, called Elohim, and judging from the makeup of the majority of the group, are obviously based in France, as most were talking french!

Now how they are connected with Go Topless Day, well, I'm not really sure!! But here in Ontario at least, it already is perfectly legal for women, as well as men, to go topless on the streets. In fact, a previous event last year was told they could not protest in a City Park, but this year the City indicated that they would not object.

At the start of the event, the members were doing there own documentary, and interviewed my brother James.

Then then gathered up with there police escort, and headed up the road to Queen St,

where we said bye to them and explored the city a bit more before calling it a day and heading home!

Import Fest

While Fan Expo was taking place in the south building of the Metro Convention Centre, the north building was rocking to the load beat of the Hyundai sponsored ImportFest.

The top floor was full of lots of different models:

A few entries had been at other shows, and won best of show type trophy's, which were also on display.

As a result, some of the models on display may have had some work done,

or had special paint jobs,

while others were almost factory fresh!

Of all the models at the show, this was my favourite!!

Some were from European countries, like this German model

and this fine Portuguese model.

I'm pretty sure these were from Sweden or some other Scandinavian country!

Being an import fest, there was of course a lot of Asian models.

It wasn't all about the models themselves, there were accessories, like tires to make that model go fast!

While others used bolt on body kits to accentuate the shape of the body.

And many of the models were sponsored by company's, so there were lots of logo's over the various parts of the bodies

Now, with all the music, playing so loud, some of the models had to spell out questions to the audience!!

Hopefully they got the answer they were looking for!

Oh, and there were some cars there too, but to be honest, I didn't really notice them!!

Fan Expo - Part 3, the other stuff!

A comic con originally was based on the comic book trade, but has grown considerable since then. Lots of booths are at the show, with various items that the fan needs to complete any collection.

There were masks, both latex heads and character masks,

A japanese samuri warrior suit of armour,

lots and lots of figures and statutes of various sizes,

A big mousey looking thing (nothing to see here Disney lawyers, just keep moving along!)

A life size statue of Darth Maul,

A back pack sized storm trooper,

That final item to complete your costume.

The movie Frankenweenie (from Tim Burton) had a large display, include the figures used in the stop motion picture.

LG was on hand with a large display. I really don't know what it was about, but the girls looked good!!

And who says stuffed animals have to be all warm and fuzzy!!

I think that the shirts on Big Bang Theory have helped to establish an explosion of various t-shirts, most of which were on hand from a number of vendors.

And finally these guys. Stuck across from the Alliance Films booth, the guys from RoosterTeeth had to watch a trailer from the Hunger Games about a million times. After the first few hundred times, they started "doing" the "I volunteer as tribute" part, and just cracked me up!

Again, after dealing with the staff of the show (A picture of a camera with a line through it means no photographs!), to the celeb handlers standing in the way of shots, to the massive crowds the flood this event, its the fans that put forth all the effort and make this show good. Everyone but them is in it for the cash, and really, these guys get nothing but smaller bank accounts. Its a huge amount of money to get in, and once your in the door, everything is a rip off, from the 3 dollars for a can of pop, to the 50-60 dollars for an autographed photo, so its a shame that the guys that make this a great show are also, sadly, the ones taking the greatest hit to the pocket book.