Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fan Expo - Part 3, the other stuff!

A comic con originally was based on the comic book trade, but has grown considerable since then. Lots of booths are at the show, with various items that the fan needs to complete any collection.

There were masks, both latex heads and character masks,

A japanese samuri warrior suit of armour,

lots and lots of figures and statutes of various sizes,

A big mousey looking thing (nothing to see here Disney lawyers, just keep moving along!)

A life size statue of Darth Maul,

A back pack sized storm trooper,

That final item to complete your costume.

The movie Frankenweenie (from Tim Burton) had a large display, include the figures used in the stop motion picture.

LG was on hand with a large display. I really don't know what it was about, but the girls looked good!!

And who says stuffed animals have to be all warm and fuzzy!!

I think that the shirts on Big Bang Theory have helped to establish an explosion of various t-shirts, most of which were on hand from a number of vendors.

And finally these guys. Stuck across from the Alliance Films booth, the guys from RoosterTeeth had to watch a trailer from the Hunger Games about a million times. After the first few hundred times, they started "doing" the "I volunteer as tribute" part, and just cracked me up!

Again, after dealing with the staff of the show (A picture of a camera with a line through it means no photographs!), to the celeb handlers standing in the way of shots, to the massive crowds the flood this event, its the fans that put forth all the effort and make this show good. Everyone but them is in it for the cash, and really, these guys get nothing but smaller bank accounts. Its a huge amount of money to get in, and once your in the door, everything is a rip off, from the 3 dollars for a can of pop, to the 50-60 dollars for an autographed photo, so its a shame that the guys that make this a great show are also, sadly, the ones taking the greatest hit to the pocket book.

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