Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fan Expo - Part 2, the Fan!

While it's always great to see some of the celebrities that we all like in real life, its the fan's who attend the show that really bring it to life. With all the handlers making rules (no flash, no photos, move along, no posing, 50-60 bucks for autographs and pics) for the celebs, the fans make themselves available for everyone. And they love the experience, which to me, makes the show. Really when it comes down to it, they are the ones doing if for the real reason, for love of the experience.

One of the ideas developed was the Photo Wall, where the schedule was set up that on specific days, at specific locations, all members of a particular group were to show up. For example, there was a Dr Who schedule, and one of the groups to pose were the various incarnations of the famous Dr, including a couple of Daleks! Neat idea!

Lots of girls like to attend these shows, and glam up in various costumes, to the delight of many a fan boy!

As I'm not a huge fan of the various comic con genres, I'm not really sure what this three guys were, but they all had welding glasses and gas masks, with amplified voices!

Female comic characters were very popular, such as Poison Ivy.

Again, no idea what it is, but a great costume none the less!

This woman was working the booth, selling items, but I had to stand her with the suit of armour.

Master Chief, a zombie captain and Final Fantasy (I think!) character go into a bar....

Steampunk is very popular as a costume as well.

Not sure the character, but who cares, she looks great!

Mystique and the Joker plotting evil plans, I'm sure!

Not really characters, just cool get ups!

What you normally see on an escalator at Fan Expo!

She will kick your ass, and look good doing it!

She will probably not kick your ass, but still looks good!

Who can resist a heart shapped eye patch!

You know, Harry Potter would have been even better a franchise if they had more students like the girl on the left!!

That is one big ass flame thrower!

I'm pretty sure this is the real life version of Jessica Rabbit!

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider!

A kick ass Loki, who would not hesitate to get into character when you ask, and every time I said thanks to her, she said have a great day. Again, its the fans that make this show!

And whats a Toronto event without the Naked News girl!?!

Our famous Pillow Fight girl is always attending these type of events!

The trouble with Tribbles! I think its only guys in red who always die, not girls, considering Lt Uhura was around the whole show!!

My favourite part about this Super Girl is her flying tie!! Nice touch!

The world famous "my parents are dead" Toronto Batman!!

Who had compitition from a hughley tall batman and his trusty sidekick robin!

But Superman could kick both there asses, and has the hot babe to show for it!

This batman has the cool eye contacts the help the costume.

Thor was everywhere this Expo!!

Warriors, come out to playeaye!! I loved this movie!!

And what would a show be without a few zombies. And don't forget to help out the Toronto Zombie Walk, with they're fund rasing efforts for the walk, which will be held at Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday October 20th. 

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