Sunday, August 26, 2012

Import Fest

While Fan Expo was taking place in the south building of the Metro Convention Centre, the north building was rocking to the load beat of the Hyundai sponsored ImportFest.

The top floor was full of lots of different models:

A few entries had been at other shows, and won best of show type trophy's, which were also on display.

As a result, some of the models on display may have had some work done,

or had special paint jobs,

while others were almost factory fresh!

Of all the models at the show, this was my favourite!!

Some were from European countries, like this German model

and this fine Portuguese model.

I'm pretty sure these were from Sweden or some other Scandinavian country!

Being an import fest, there was of course a lot of Asian models.

It wasn't all about the models themselves, there were accessories, like tires to make that model go fast!

While others used bolt on body kits to accentuate the shape of the body.

And many of the models were sponsored by company's, so there were lots of logo's over the various parts of the bodies

Now, with all the music, playing so loud, some of the models had to spell out questions to the audience!!

Hopefully they got the answer they were looking for!

Oh, and there were some cars there too, but to be honest, I didn't really notice them!!

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