Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fan Expo - Part 1, the celebrity!

In my mind, there is generally two things that mainly attract someone to a comic convention, such as Toronto's Fan Expo, 2012 edition. One is the great costumes that the vistors wear (see part 2), but mainly its to see the stars. They range from tv and movie stars, to famous authors, and well known artists. Here is some of those I've encountered this year.

First up is Christopher Lloyd. Everyone knows him from the Back to the Future franchise, and if you ever need the wild scientist type, he is your man!

Now this is a man you probably wouldn't recognize without his most famous costume. This is David Prowse, who played the tower Darth Vader in the Star Wars films. I love the fact that considering the character he played on screen, he has a bugs bunny tie on!

A very popular show with the fans is Flashpoint, on CTV. Here cast meembers David Paetkau, Sergio Di Zio and Olunkie Adeliyi sign there very own hockey cards! Now this autograph sesion had a few hiccups, as some were told to wait in line, only to be told later that unless you went to the earlier Q&A sesion, you were out of luck. But, CTV stepped up and provided them with some free t-shirts, so good on them for trying to blunt the situation with some free swag!

Devon Bostick and April Mullen were on hand from the new "Dead Before Dawn 3D" movie, which is of the spoof genre of movies, in this case about zombies!

David Finch was a popular guy, and is doing the new Batman the Dark Night comic.

And who didn't grow up with Bob and Dot from REBOOT! I loved that show, and creator Gavin Blair was on hand to talk about the groundbreaking computer animated show.

Fans of the show Angel will recognize James Masters, who played Spike in the hit show.

As a fan of both versions of Battlestar (BSG and TOS), it was great to see it being represented with the new Apollo, Jamie Bamber.

Another great show was Atlantis, which was one of many spinoffs of the orginal motion picture, Star Gate. Here is Joe Flanigan, who played John Sheppard.

And speaking of John's, this is John Carpenter, who is a legendary creator of many a sci fi and horror (and even sci fi horror) movies in his long career. Who can ever forget "the Thing"!!

John Barrowman was a character in Dr Who, who also stared in a spin off series, Torchwood.

John Ryes-Davies is probably now known mostly for his character Gimli the dwarf in Lord of The Rings, but I always remember him in the Indiana Jones movies!

Julie Benz stared in both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff Angel, and more recently in Dexter.

Another star of those two vampire shows is Juliet Landau.

Levar Burton. If your old enough, he was Kunta Kinte in the TV mini series Roots. But if your newer on the scene, he is of course Geordi La Forge on Star Trek the Next Generation.

The Green Man himself, Lou Ferrigino. Who would believe this guy is 60!!

Oh, and this is what he looks like if you piss him off!!

Another spinoff from Star Trek was Deep Space Nine. One of the major characters, Kira Nerys, was played by Nana Visitor

Nelsan Ellis stars in the vampire show True Blood.

And speaking of blood, here is Norman Reedus, who encounters lots of blood and gore in the great tv series the Walking Dead!

This is a guy you will see in every Marvel movie, the creator of many comic characters like Spiderman! He has a cameo in pretty much every movie done in the Marvel universe!

Tom Noonan was the original "bad guy" in the Hanibal Lector world, playing Francis Dolarhyde, a serial killer in the movie Manhunter.

Oh no, its the Candyman. Or, William Bludworth in the Final Destination movies, again, depending on your age! Its Tony Todd.

The X-Files was a show that had people staying at home on a Friday nite!! And no one was more sinister than the Cigarette Smoking Man, played to great effect by William B Davis!!

I always remember Alan Tudyk as the very angry cohort of Heath Ledger in the movie A Knights Tale. Others know him as Wash from Fireflie and Serinity.

Chris Sarrandon (yes, he was married to Susan) will always be Prince Humperdinck in the fantastic Princess Bride movie! Oh how he wanted to marry Buttercup!!

I missed out on Saturdays line up, but Sunday brought three beautiful women of TV.

First up is Amanda Tapping. She is the famous Sam Carter from SG1, but I always remember her as the very nice looking woman working in the doctors office and talking about the pain relief of Advil!! She just keeps getting better every year.

Gillian Anderson, to me one of the first Nerd guys babe. Something about Scully created a buzz across the internet, and she became the best looking FBI agent out there! And here she is, looking even better in real life!

I used to watch the show Prison Break, and Sarah Wayne Callies played the prison doctor Sara Tancredi. The show was great, but in my mind, it had to end. Once they got out, the show must end, otherwise its just a waste of time. And unfortunately, once they got out, it just kept going, only now they were in a Mexican prison. And on top of that, Sarah (the person) got pregnant (in real life), and they wrote her out of the show!! What the hell! So I stopped watching. She is now Lori, the wife of Sheriff Rick Grimes in the show the Walking Dead. I didn't know she was at Fan Expo, but was nicely suprised to see her!

Part 2 will concentrate on the fan part of "FAN EXPO"!

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