Friday, April 2, 2010

Earth Hour

Every year for the past few, the City of Toronto holds an Earth Hour event. They have always been held at City Hall.
And then this year, they moved to Yonge Dundas Square. Now, I like this place, but its just too small of a venue for a big event like this. I think its because CITYTV is now the sponsor, and they like the idea of having it in their back yard. Now to be honest, I'm not a big fan of the things CityTV have done recently, so I'm probably negative because of that.
But still, once we get there, its a tiny stage, wedged in between two large speakers, and the bands were way back on the stage. So basically, you had almost no view of the performers, unless they walked right up to the edge of the stage.
On top of all that, the event actually was a big let down. Even before the 8:30 deadline, they had turned out all the advertisement boards, so when it came time to throw the switch, pretty much the only thing turned off was the YD Square lights.
Very sad.

There was a tree:

There were bands (Jarvis Church in the picture)Chantal Kreviazuk, and Justin Nozuka

And it was hosted by Kevin and Dina from CityTV:

And here is Dina looking a little scared

and maybe a little intrigued!

She was probably a little of both when it came to the guy they had up on stage to kill a 1/2 from 8 to was a guy who shoved a balloon up his nose, and out his mouth! Oh, great fun that was.....not!

And on top of all that, the next week, CityTV was claiming "10's of thousands" of people attending, while everyone else talked of the 100's of people, which is a more real number!

The only interesting thing was after we went to the Eaton Centre, where metal spiders took advantage of the dark to creat havock in the world of humans!

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