Sunday, October 17, 2010

rainy weekend

The Hamilton area is chock full of wateralls, and many are very impressive, but off the beaten path.
Smokey Hollow Falls is one, located down a small road into a small dirt road.
A short trip up the trail finds the base of the falls.

For me, the best source of info is this site, run by Mark Harris, who also produced a great book shwoing the waterfalls in Ontario.

Heading down the 401, was the world famous City of Paris....Ontario!!
This is a very pretty town. Coming from the west, we were up on the top of a hill and able to get a view of the town below.

We then headed down the valley and stopped along the Grand River, at a rail crossing bridge,

as well as some type of waterfall.

And down below was a nice shot of the old town itself.

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