Monday, October 31, 2011

Henrys and ATV's

Every year, Henrys, a camera store, holds a photo show at the International Centre. Its pretty much just a way to sell their products, as everything you buy is coming from their stock. There are camera company reps in attendance, but you are not buying from them directly, but from Henrys. The only reason I go (and only with free tickets) is to see what models they have, and I don't mean camera models!!

One group used a rhythmic gymnist to do a routine at their booth, which was kind of cool!

The Sigma booth always has a very attractive model, and this year was no different!

At the same location, but another hall, there was an ATV/Snowmobile show. They set up a course outside where you can try out some ATV's, but they also do a race demo.
And since I'm at a photo show, I always head over to take some pics of the action!

Once again this year, the wind was too much for the snowmobile demo, where they jump their machines while doing some spectacular flips. You can check out the action from a few years ago from my previous blog posting HERE.

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