Monday, October 31, 2011

Day of the Dead!

With the wedding completed,

it was time for the zombie march.
This year, rather than a destination, the march simply stayed to the Trinity Belwood Park. Starting at the south end of the park, the march headed east on Queen, north on Spadina, and back west to the park on Dundas.

Some of the many zombies included these characters!

Spoiler alert, I guess Harry dies in the most recent movie!

Ever have a day when your mail was late? This could be the reason!

Zombies are not a recent thing, as apparently even the ancient Vikings had zombies!

One of my favourites, a zombie mime!

She should not have eaten that apple!

Not sure if thats here tonque!

these two had neat eyes, one with makeup, one with contacts!

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  1. Hey, one of those zombies is me. How can I contact you, if I want a copy of the picture?