Monday, October 31, 2011


September 3 was Fire Appreciation Day, with Milton Fire holding a Firefit event at the fairgrounds.
On hand were various teams which competed in three events.

The first was a series of events such as carrying a dummy, rolling hose's, and hitting a metal slide thing with sledghammers.

They finished with pulling a hose and hitting a target with the stream!

Event two was a rescue scenario. With their eyes blocked by glasses, a four person team had to make there way down a course, through a doorway, and recover a dummy.
This was no easy task, with lots of falls and collisions.

The fourth event was old school, with a scenario that represented pulling/pusing an old time fire cart.

A City of Mississauga Team was on hand, and had to use some of those skills to fight a fire at the Penske Truck Rental location near the 401 and Dixie Rd.

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