Sunday, August 14, 2011

Matt Dusk

Friday in Mississauga found Matt Dusk playing a free concert, just outside the building I work at.
I've been to two concerts by Matt, as well as two events in downtown Toronto where Matt did a few songs. I first heard him on the reality show The Casino, where he was on his way to being the headliner at the main concert hall at the Golden Nugget.
I found out that he would be doing a sound check between 3 and 5, so I headed out just after 4 to find him doing just that, making sure that the concert sound was just right.

Matt was performing with a band of 4 horns, a drummer, piano man and a bass player. They sounded great, even during the sound check.

The concert was scheduled to start at 7:30, with an opening act of Mark Pelli, a local Mississauga musician.

He reminded of of Dr Sam Beckett, from Quantum Leap!

The one bad thing about the conert (and it was the only thing!) was that after Mark was done, there was a 45 min delay before Matt came out. Oh well, it was a good oportunity to check out Matts CD table, where I picked up his CD/DVD from Vegas, along with his first album, The Way It Is.

Matt has three rules at his concerts.

1)If you want to dance, feel free to come up to the front and dance;

2) If you have a camera, feel free to take photos, as Matt appreciates the publicity;

3) and if you know the words to the song, don't sing along - ok, he's jsut kidding about that one!

One lucky lady had Matt jumping down to join her as the crowd was dancing!

It was a great show, lasting about an hour long, as Matt and his band entertained the crowd!

One thing I appreciate about Matt is his dedication to the fans. He invited everyone up to his CD table, where he signed autographs and posed for pictures. He was there to the very end, making everyone in the line appreciate the wait.

Matt is off to PEI for his next concert, then to Seattle before heading to Europe for a tour of Holland!
You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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