Sunday, August 28, 2011

buskerfest 2011

The St Lawrence Market holds one of the largest Buskerfest festivals in the world, sponsered by Scotia Bank, and in support of Epilepsy Toronto
The event closes down Front St, and opens a series of stages where buskers from around the world come to perform.

The Stunt Double Circus is always fun to watch, and they have such great mustaches!
They do a great job with pogo sticks, including a backflip on one!

Bendy Em squeezed herself into the tinest of boxes, and took a basketball in with herself!

while Lindsay Benner stood on the arms of two members of the audience and juggled fire!

While I was watching this guy balance a shark on a stick,

this dick was nice enough to step right in front of me (and everyone else beside me) to make sure he had a good view of the action!

The highlight for me was the Close Act Theater group, who brought there XL Ants all the way from the Netherlands.

They were great during the day,

but at nite, it was even better, as Wolverine lit off a bunch of red flares,

adding to the great atmosphere!

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