Sunday, April 1, 2012

toys toys toys

Well, took a trip down the 407 to Richmond Hill, where the 80's Toy Expo was being held. Driving though a winter storm that included rain and hail!, I was happy to head underground in the hotels free (when does that ever happen - thanks Sheraton Hotel!) parking lot.

After paying my 10 bucks, I headed into the large room to a sea of toys!

The majority of the show was dedicated to Transformers, with nearly everyone having some item that related to the toy/tvshow/movie jugernaut!

A close second was the sci fi land of Star Wars and Star Trek.

Some of the other varity toys (or Hobbies as Arthur Carlson would say) included Marvel Action Figures;

The famous Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghost Busters;

He-Man, Masters of the Universe (Cringer the battle cat!);

WWE wrestling figures;

"ordinary" toys like this collection of motorcycles;

and various Super Heroes!

One guy even did these hand made statues which were pretty impressive.

And what toy show would be compete without an appearance from the 501st(CDN) Legion. A good collection of stormtroopers, bike scouts and Tie Fighter pilots.
My personal favourite was the Shadow Trooper, who was receiving a holographic message from the Emporer!

A couple of the stormtroopers were forced to deal with a Ninja who was on hand. A quick blaster shot would have taken care of him!

And one of those attending the show brought these 2/3 scale version of Star Wars characters!

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