Monday, April 9, 2012

Samba Elegua

If you have been to the Kensington Market, the Easter Parade, or the Pillow Fight, you've probably heard the percussion band Samba Elegua druming out the beats!

Its a big group of people of various abilities who seem to only want to make those they perform for happy! And who can argue with that!

They were at the pillow fight, and were entertaing the crowd for over 1/2 hour!

And just in front of the Lindt Chocolate car, they paraded down Queen St the next morning in the Beaches Easter Parade, getting all those could hear them start to do a little dance!

These guys really get into it, and lay it all out!

After the pillow fight they joined together for a quick picture!

I taped a few minutes and put it up on Youtube!

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