Sunday, December 11, 2011

anime and greyhounds

The Metro Convention Centre also played host to an Anime Con, where lots of costumed fans were on hand. It was cramed into a small room, and apparently the main star of the show was unable to attend. But, everyone still appeared to be in a good mood!

Some of the fans headed out of the building for a "battle" on the lawn!

Just down the street from the parking lot was the Harbourfront centre, where the Pawsway is located. We decided to check on the event, and found a GINA presentation.
GINA stands for Greyhounds in Need of Adoption, which is a rescue group for greyhound dogs. The dogs come from a life of running, mostly from the states, and are treated well, and have great personalities, even around other dogs.

Once in Canada, foster owners "retrain" the dogs for home life, including teaching them how to climb stairs and that there is such a thing as windows, as with their life of running, they simply see a window as not existing, and want to run outside!

GINA arranges meetings with dogs and potential owners, to give the greyhounds a life after racing.

I was really impressed at how calm these dogs are, and how friendly they are. Here is my brother James, with a dog who was content to simply stand beside him while he pet the dogs head.

Another dog was just tuckered out after a long day, and just wanted to sleep!

You will of course notice the muzzle. I asked why, and it was explained that the dog has such thin skin, that it's easy for the dogs through normal interaction with each other to cut the skin. So its not because they are "mean" dogs, its just to protect them from simple nips.

Its probably not a dog you would think of for adoption, but after visiting them, I would really recommend that people consider them, as they seem like a wonderful animal. And no, they don't require you to take them for fast, long runs!

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