Sunday, April 24, 2011

its a dogs life!

Well, a trip to High Park around this time of year usually yields lots of cherry blossoms, but this year, the late cold weather has put off the blossoms. But, there was still lots to do in the park, not the least of which is to visit the great off leash area.
Inside the fence limits, dogs are free to run and enjoy the company of others.

The very first dog I encountered was this guy, who was wearing his glasses! Apparently he has some vision problems, and the glasses help. His owner advised that he took to them right away, and realizes its important for him, and therefore leaves them on.

This husky spent the entire time just sitting around, not paying attention to any of the other guys around, but enjoying the day.

While this guy had obviously been doing some heavy duty playing, and would need a good bath once home!

From big dogs,

to little dogs,

there was lots of variety!

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