Sunday, April 10, 2011


In a rematch of last years TORD final, the Gore Gore Girls took on Chicks Ahoy at the Hanger this weekend. Unfortunately for the Chicks, the game ended the same way, but boy, was it a hard fought battle.

To start the show, a bunch of Toronto Argos were on hand to blow the start whistle.
They stayed for the entire game, and were very impressed with the efforts of both teams, and commented on the hard hitting!

Once the teams were introduced to the crowd,

The volunteers in place,

and refs were ready, the game could start!

And as i mentioned, it was a hard hitting game, with bodies hitting the floor hard!

Both teams jammers had a hard nite, battling through the blockers in an attempt to score all the points they could.

It was a close game for the majority of the match, but near the end, the Gore Girls increased their lead and took it to the end, winnning 132 to 83.

The Derby Girls have been very good at getting their sport out there, including mentions on the weekend sports of City TV!

And again, the sportsman ship of these girls is great. They always do a handshake at the start, during the intro's,

and lately have been gathering for us photographers at the end of the match for some team shots!

Also on hand for the nights event were a bachelor and sperarate bachelorette party. Here were the ladies, with the future bride in the boa!

One toy I was playing with was the Phottix Strato, which is a remote trigger for flashes. One of the big problems with shooting the Hanger is the light. With the flash, you always end up with red eye.

One solution is a flash bracket, which holds the flash away from its normal location on the hot shoe, but you need a sync cord to attached the relocated flash to the camera to trigger it, and they can be expensive. The other option is a remote, like the Strato, which allows you to totally relocate the flash and trigger it remotely. It doesn't allow for TTL use of the flash, but its about the same price, and in many ways is more effective.
I will have to pick up a few more receivers so I can set the remotes up for both of my cameras!

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