Sunday, April 3, 2011

Toys...I mean Hobbies!

Sunday found me in Burlington, for the Canadian Collectible Toy Expo, which is held in a convention room in a local hotel.
This version was mostly about Star Wars and Transformers, but other shows are a little more general.

It was a very busy show, with lots of people taking the opportunity to find that one toy (I mean hobby*) that they are missing in their collection.

I was looking for some diecast cars, but had no luck. But on the way back from Burlington, I stopped into a local hobby store, Care Free Hobbies, and did find one car.

For info on more upcoming shows, check out this web site. The big show coming up is the Canadian Toy Collectors Society Spring Show on April 17, held at Downsview Park.

One of the great things about this show is the participation of the 501st Legion, which is a Star Wars group. These guys do an incredible job with their uniforms, and are required to meet rigid details to have their uniforms approved.

I was totally impressed with this little stormtrooper, who joined a clone trooper and scout trooper at the show!

The members are constantly attending events in Canada, and you can check their web site to see if they are doing anything in your neighbourhood!

*anyone old enough to have watched WKRP in Cincinnati know that Arthur Carlson, the boss of the radio station, loved to play with "toys", but was concerned that people would make fun of him for that. But Jennifer was able to tell him that "he didn't play with toys, he had Hobbies"!!

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