Sunday, April 17, 2011

Go Green

I was down at the Direct Energy Centre for the Green Living Show. Samsung was offering free admission if I dropped off some old electronics, which I did. Got rid of some drives, an old cell phone, and even a mouse I haven't used in years.
Once in the door, there were lots of booths advertising how ecological or better for the environment they were compared to other products.

One of the reasons I was at the show was that a Nascar Canadian Tire driver, Joey McColm, had his car on display, and also gave a presentation on Saturday.

The car carried the sponsorship of Esper, a company which makes vehicle heaters, for both the vehicle and the driver/passenger.

I found it interesting that at the show there was a group called Green Box Rental, which apparently is the first group to provide plastic bins for moving, instead of traditional cardboard boxes.

And just a few aisles over was Frog Box, which apparently was not the first, but probably the more famous group, as they were on Dragons Den!

One of the display cars at the show had the new Green License Plate, which is supposed to allow you to drive in the HOV lanes on some of the major highways.

One of the more bizzare things at the show was the large number of car manufacturers who were selling their "green" cars. I could be wrong, but really, does the idea of a "green" porsche really fit the typical demographic of the person you would see at a Green Living Show?

On the same theme, I watched a round table featuring tips on green beauty items, and one of the comments that stuck out was that there are no "rules" as of yet when it comes to lots of claims like "natural", "organic", or even "green", and that many of these claims were not to be believed. What would these same people say about the majority of the items currenlty on display at their own show?!?

And on top of that, I was shocked to see this sign at the Lexus display.

Really, just cause you walked onto a carpet, your suddenly giving up all your rights to your own image??

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