Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Parade

The Beaches Lion Club has held an easter parade since 1935, and this Sunday was no exception!
Led by a variety of Emergency Services personel, the parade headed west on Queen St, before heading to the beach at Woodbine.

Including Sparky the fire dog, who was getting pretty close to those electrical wires, which is kind of dangerous, considering his name! Yikes!

Also in the parade were marching bands, including the Toronto Fire Band

and the Toronto Signal Band

and the great Samba Elegua band, which I don't think stopped playing during the entire parade!

And speaking of music, I'm pretty sure that Lady Gaga was there, or at least her egg!

And a whole lot of Miss (fill in the blank) girls!

A favourite part of the parade for the adults were the Lindt chocolatiers, who were handing out gold bunnies!

As one mom said, after eating the bunny, "these are adult candy's, not for kids"!

Starlight Destiny Cheerleaders were also happy to pose during the parade, and kept up the action throughout the day!

And also happy to join in the parade were Toronto Mayor Rob Ford,

and the local councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon

The parade marshal was Heather Moyse, a gold medal winner in bobsled in the Vancouver 2010 olympics!

And of course, what would an easter parade be without a visit from the 501st Legion!

All of this was enjoyed by the many children along the route,

as well as their parents!

And then they all said by, as Peter Rabbit finished off the parade in his JS4FUN car!

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