Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nintendo 3ds

With everyone jumping on the 3-D bandwagon, the number one complaint about the various system (home and in the theater) is the glasses!
Well, Nintendo is the first out of the box with a 3-D gaming system that you won't need glasses to play!
On Saturday, March 26, to mark the release of their new gaming system that evening, Nintendo set up a display in Yonge Dundas Square.
On hand were lots of Nintendo staff, all who had a good knowledge of the gaming system, which is known as the Nintendo 3DS!

With the support of Super Mario himself,

the switch

was thrown

and the crate opened (although really really slow!)

to reveal a series of Nintendo 3DS systems

ready for the line up of people to try out.

Keeping the crowd entertained were staff giving out t-shirts and touques, as well as this lady who was giving out tickets in answer to her many trivia questions about Nintendo game systems.

Speaking of line ups, there was also a line up to get into Future Shop (just across the street) at midnite, in order to buy a system.

Of course, this was a weekend when the TTC trains were not in operation along Yonge St, so the biggest line up was those waiting to take on of the shuttle busses!

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