Saturday, March 19, 2011

Performance World

The Performance World show was recently held at the International Centre. When I first got interested in motorsports, this was the first show I went to. From that first show, I've noticed that the racing portion has decreased, while the "tuner" portion has only increased.
This year was the same, but even more noticeable was that the show itself is getting smaller.

Some of the racing included Sunset Speedway,

including NCATS driver Mark Dilley;

the #4 car of Bill Mason from the Ontario Legends;

Oshweken driver Rob Disher

Scott Gibson,

Canadian Vintage Modified drivers Gary Elliot,

and Jim Sweers

OSCAAR driver Shane Gowan

Flamboro driver Russ Aicken and Brad Collison

Hinbest drag racing

which is sponsored by Fast Eddie, who also had a booth of both safety equipement and crew uniforms and shirts.

The Brampton chapter of Prostate Cancer Canada also was on hand with Senior Moments Dragster.

Also on hand was an old style racer, the kind you see in the old movies. Its amazing the "pit crew" equipment that they used, including a small oil can and a glass jar!

Painting has become a big thing now, and that goes for racing helmets,

to even welding helmets!

And being a car show, there were lots of models on hand!

Some eating:

some chewing gum:

and a whole lot more just hanging around!

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