Monday, February 28, 2011

Rolly Derby International!

It was a double header at the Hanger on Saturday nite as TORD team Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, or D-VAS

hosted Nickel City Roller Derby team Sister Slag.

The D-vas had some prior history with Tord, but was rebuilding as a team, much like the new Sudbury team.

Both Jammers were fighting hard for the points,

while the refs kept a close eye on all the action.

the first half was a close one, but by the end of the second, the D-VAS pulled ahead for a 71 to 38 win.

Next up was the Killamazoo Derby Darlins from Michigan

vs the TORD Allstar team, CN Power!

This was an international event, with the DD's coming up from Michigan to battle the Tord all stars.

CN Power includes players like Land Shark, a super fast jammer.
Here she is breaking her way through the pack for points!

and Defecaitlin, who was also a fast mover on the track!

The Tord Juniors were on hand to sing the Canadian anthem

While Penny Whistler prepared for the match!

While the scoreboard quckly showed that CN Power was dominating the event, there were still girls flying across the track!

In the end, CN Power dominted 197 to 35 over the DD's, but as always with Derby, after a hard fought battle, both teams celebrated together. Here, the Michigan team had the CN Power girls pose with a team mascot,

before some joined the CN Power team for a team picture!

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