Sunday, February 6, 2011

Zebra Mafia

As much as we all like to hate the ref at various sporting events (usually after they make a call against "your" team!), they are an important part of the game, and roller derby is no different.

To start the day, the Zebra Mafia meet with the other derby staff, like the score keepers, to hear the updates on the game rules, and for some, to learn for their first game.

they then prepare themselves for the game, until its their turn to be introduced to the crowd.

and like any of the other competitors, they need to stretch to get ready for the game.

Derby has a number of refs, including a few on the outside of the track, looking for any infractions, the refs who indicate the jammers,

and even the head ref, Penny Whistler, hearing sharing a laugh with Nicki Nine Lives.


takes things to the limit on the cat and zebra image!
She has ears and a tuft of fur on her helmet,

and carries the black and white zebra stripes right down to her laces!

Check them out at the official Toronto Roller Derby site!

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