Sunday, February 6, 2011

TORD season FIVE

Who would have thunk it, its the Fifth season of Toronto Roller Derby! Tonite was the opening nite event, with the Gore Gore Girls taking on the Death Track Dolls!

On hand were the junior league, their to help teach the crowd some of the rules and objectives of the game.

Joining the juniours was Crazy Pants Jr, who M.C'd the event just like his full size version (Mini Me?).

Both teams took to the track for some practice,

which can still be pretty rough, as even Bambi took a hit to the floor!

And after introductions,

the game began!

The Gore Girls are the champions from last season, and they wasted little time in establishing their strength, jumping to a quick lead in the first half. But during many of the bouts, its was a battle between perhaps the two fastest Jammers, Bambi and Land Shark.

But I was also impressed with Dusty Bunny, and she whipped through the pack on many occasions!

Back in the pack, the action was intense!

But in the end, the Gore Gore girls took the game, and celebrated their win!

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