Monday, February 28, 2011

Is it, uhm, hot in here!?!

Sex a Palooza!
What can I say. Would I really miss a chance to check this out? Not likely!
I hit the Internation Centre for Sexapalooza, a show I caught on TV last year during an episode of Dragons Den (they didn't get a deal!).
With the lights low, a crowd of people, a wide variety from young to old, single, couples, and groups, were in checking out the various displays. Boy, were there ever a lot of dildo's! Some that were in displays looked, for all intense purposes, were designer versions!

On stage there were old style burlesque and a lingerie show,

a pole dancing display...whats better than one girl pole dancing? Two girls!

while other displays were set up in the multitude of booths, including these cool shirts for sale!

And of course, lots of models!

Including Sunshine Girl Calendar girl Ashley!

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