Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Ukraine in Canada

This past weekend (Sept 17-19)the Bloor West Village celebrated the Toronto Ukrainian Festival.
I've been to a few Ukranian events (Carabram), and everyone has seen the dancing and egg decorating, so I decided to head down and catch the action.

First on the schedule was the parade, as various groups marched through the streets, including Miss Toronto Tourism 2010, Alana Miss;

Lots of traditional dress was on hand;

The parade participants were carefully scrutinized by the Judges,

One of which was someone I worked with at the City O Mississauga, Christina. She was described as the "future" of the event!! Here she is presenting the awards for best in the parade.

Back at the other end of the event was the centre stage, where a traditional dance took place.

And of course, what ukrainian festival would be complete without lots of food,

including this massively long bread!

And with all that food, it was fitting that the parade marshall was celebrity chef Ken Kostick

Unfortunately another famous canadian of Ukrainian descent, Larysa Harapyn, was no where to be seen :(

And of course, being as this is municipal election time, the area was chock full of politicians tyring their best not to be politicians, including one who "kindly" reminded the MC that they were a "MPP" when it wasn't mentioned in the intro!

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