Monday, September 6, 2010

HMCS Fredericton

The HMCS Fredericton was on a Great Lakes Deployment, and was docked at the foot of Yonge St. After the Airshow, we checked it out.

The Fredericton (FFH 337) was started a the Saint John Shipyard in 1992, and official commisioned in 1994. She is a Halifax Class Frigate, and 8th ship in her class, with a total of 12 ships in the class.

Her Captain, Commander John Zorz told us some info about the ship. She just returned from deployment in Somalia, and he only recently became the Captain. He will have a two year posting, and then will likely be back to Ottawa. The ship is scheduled to go for a mid-life retrofit in the next few years.

On the front of the ship is the main gun, the 57mm Bofors MK2.

For close in support, the "last ditch" weapon is the Vulcan Phalanx MK 15 20 mm Close-In gun, which spits out a whopping 3000 to 4500 rounds a minute, depending on the version. With it's distinct shape, its nicknam is "R2-D2" !

It is also equiped with the Raytheon Vertical Launched Sea Sparrow, a short-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapon.

Another form of protection is the four BAE Systems Shield Mark 2 decoy launchers which fire chaff and infrared rockets. The chaff confuses the radar of incoming missles, while the rockets due the same for heat seeking missles.

While in Somolia, the boarding crew would man the fast boat and do anti piracy investigations. They are well armed to deal with this mission.

A couple of Toronto cops were on board doing a tour, and probably talking about who has the bigger gun!

With any tour, the Armed Forces also had some displays, including this car done up as a recuitment tool.

It didn't work, as I didn't join up!

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